Tuesday 12 April 2011

Poop Poop !

A bit behind on posting but here's a sneak peak at my process and contribution to the a little bit bunny blog. The topic this month is toad so I naturally couldn't resist having a crack at one of my favourite characters from one of my very favourite books!

I'm really enjoying approaching illustrations from a screen printed mix of limited colours approach. I'm also drawing my stuff with just the 3 colour layers in photoshop. It can slow things down a little but it helps to make you think about your choices. It's a great way to free up my colour thinking a little and fly by the seat of my pants more. I think the best aspect is that a limited palette of (in this case 3) colours, either against white or overlayed over each other to give darker hues, really confines your choices on how to approach the illustration. Sometimes too much choice makes me dither and fiddle with things so having a tightly defined palette as a framework on which to build forces me to try and make something look balanced and exciting with fewer components. Make the best of what you have.

And yes, the close up detail I've shown here really does show that Mr. Toad's scarf is missing a bit. I was desperate to have him in silk scarf and flying goggles but I didn't want the scarf bisecting his body. Heck, I'm playing my artistic license card on this one. It's like that because it just is! Poop Poop to all :-)


Phil Toodle said...

Top picture. Top right corner. Toad within square. Yes! :D

michael robertson said...

Great stuff as always, my friend!...it's so cool that your screen printing experience has given you a new way of thinking about color! Love the car, too-I always struggle with anything mechanical.

Unknown said...

It's great seeing other artist's process work. The cut out of that mouth and the entire head shape are awesome- you definitely chose to go with my favorite out of the initial sketches!

prettypangit said...

wish i can doodle like that. i like frogs although i dont dare touch them :)