Sunday, 19 October 2014

an orangutan on a penny farthing...

Well then, what better way to break a prolonged dry spell on the old blog but an orangutan on a penny farthing... (incidentally I don't think there is an answer to that...). I recall many conversations with friends about the ergonomic considerations for vehicles, furniture and the like, should apes have culturally and technologically evolved a pace like we hairless chimps did. Just think of it... Certainly there would be buttons and switches on car floors. Chair seats would be lower down while arm rests would be longer (the budget 'cattle class' airlines wouldn't be economically viable in an ape world), and the handle bars of bicycles would be higher up!

As usual with my illustrations for a little bit bunny blog I'll post sketches plus a sneak peek of the final pic here, pop on over to A.L.B.B blog for the full thing. TTFN.

Friday, 12 September 2014

book cover design for "The Burned-Out Blogger's Guide to P.R."

Quite appropriate considering how neglectful a blogger I've been of late but I can finally show one of the several projects which I have bubbling away under the surface till their respective release dates arrive. I'm pleased to say the estimable writer and tech pundit Jason Kincaid was good enough to entrust me with the cover design for his first book, "The Burned-Out Blogger's Guide to P.R." Even if you don't see yourself as a tech entrepreneur, should you rub shoulders with the press or P.R types in your daily existence then Jason's book has a wealth of do's and don'ts narrated in a witty and very readable way. The ebook launched a couple of days ago and the paperback is due in the next couple of weeks. For now dear blog here are my rough alternative concepts and the final ebook cover.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

an ostrich...

Here's a sneak peek of my ostrich for this months a little bit bunny creature... as always follow the link if you are inclined to see more. I ended up revisiting a pose I'd used a while back for a flamingo illustration. I guess there are only so many ways you can arrange avian legs this long!

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Saturday, 21 June 2014

don't believe those crocodile tears...

It's been far too long dear blog. Please excuse the lack of posts but I've creative projects ongoing that I couldn't post about, at least not yet. Thankfully good old a little bit bunny blog is always there, as it's supposed to do, to encourage me to blow the cobwebs off and post something. Well this months ALBB creature is the crocodile and I had great fun getting inky and tearful! Here, as always, is some of the sketch work plus a detail of the final illustration.... pop on over to a little bit bunny blog if you'd like to see all of the emotional croc.

Okey dokey, I've a book cover to design, but first I have to read the book... TTFN

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

a sheep...

a sheep I saw, I sketched... it's tricky to sketch sheep, look at too many and you keep dozing off...

Sunday, 13 April 2014

murmuration screen print designs...

A few weeks back now I was fortunate enough to witness the amazing spectacle that is a murmuration of starlings, all swooping and pulsing in a flock before they roosted for the night. It really is a jaw dropping sight to see... and hear. It sounds just like the sea breaking on shore and, when two masses of birds conjoin it actually moves like waves crashing and flowing together.

I really wanted to try and do justice to the scene and cook up a screen print illustration so, off an on, I've been trying to depict the flavour of the event graphically for the last fews weeks. Just like the actual murmuration itself it's such an intangible thing to capture, like bottling smoke. There are the silhouettes of the birds themselves against the sky but, more importantly, there is the motion of the flock as a whole that I'm trying to get at. The pulses, swirls and eddies of the birds all add up to a group organism that is curiously more than the sum of it's individual parts. It really is like in 1950's cartoons when the protagonist goes after the honey, gets chased by the swarm of bees, who form into a fist and bop them on the head.

It's fascinating to read up on theories about this behaviour of flocks of birds, and also bait balls of fish (something else I'd love to see), grouping in such a manner as to deter predators by, perhaps, appearing as a bigger predator... kinda like when a cat puffs up to 'look big'.... (anyone else recall that far side cartoon ? I need to reread my Far Side, it's been far too long... I digress. Here's a smattering of my exploratory sketches, photos I took of the murmuration, (some as animated gifs) and the final "Early Birds" and "Home to Roost" screen print designs. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did cooking them up!


Sunday, 23 March 2014

the trojan horse... or... it might well prove a good idea to look a gift horse in the mouth...

I was stumped for this months a little bit bunny blog post as the prospect of illustrating a horse didn't sound all that exciting... until I remembered the trojan horse that is! As usual I've only posted a cropped detail of the final illustration below, plus some rough initial sketches. If you would like to see more the full epic tale is over on a little bit bunny blog... I must admit while sketching, at one stage my wooden nag's design was unintentionally veering toward Monty Python's 'wooden rabbit'.... or was it a large wooden badger...?! Such marvellous creations as Gilliam's bunny tend to burrow into your brain and stay there (if you pardon the pun...).

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

tardigrades... and an interview...

Time to break the dry spell on the blog, and as is my wont I'll do it with this months ALBB creature which is the tardigrade. Truly fascinating little fellows these. Tough as old boots too. Burn 'em, freeze 'em, dry 'em almost to dust... high pressure, the vacuum of space, massive doses of radiation... all that and these little tardigrades (aka moss piglets or water bears... ahhh) keep on keeping on. Hard as nails and yet still thought by many to be the cutest of microscopic critters. Well worth a read all about them. I've opted for a variety of colourful mossy piglets for the illustration and just had fun with different characters. As always, here is a sneak peek and some sketches (and collage elements) while the final illustration is over on a little bit bunny if you would like a look down the microscope!

While I'm blogging I need to also send belated yet sincere thanks to Craig over on Fishink blog for his asking for an interview and including me on his truly excellent blog of all things illustration, photography and textiles. Much as I hate talking about myself it's hard to shut me up once I get waffling about illustration as a topic! I cannot recommend Fishink blog highly enough. Just looking back through his posts it's spooky how similar a lot of our visual tastes are and he's also posted a wealth of words and pictures on many glorious illustrators I'd certainly never come across before. Bookmark fishink and I guarantee it will give you all the illustration eye candy you could wish for! Cheers again Craig.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

a further sketch in the informal 'cameras I own' series... the Polaroid SX-70

I threatened with my last camera ink sketch to continue the theme... oh, I have plenty more cameras yet... So, while I'm on a roll with my old nikon FE sketch one, old nikon F2 sketch two and my much newer panasonic LX5 sketch (geeks love numbers) here's the transformation of the sublime and anachronistic Polaroid SX-70 camera (this link is to an wonderful Charles and Ray Eames produced original SX-70 advert). Sadly I have to admit that I have never had the polaroid film packs to be able to discover whether this lucky car boot find of mine even works but, as an object of quirky and beautiful design history I'm glad to have one to sketch and admire.