Tuesday 21 April 2015

Black Books booze... Life Cry bottle label.

A couple of my very good friends had birthdays in close succession recently and, as we all share a love of the estimable Dylan Moran's superb channel 4 comedy series Black Books, I made them both my take on a bottle of the drink Life Cry which features briefly in the episode titled Elephants and Hens (the only playable link I could find on youtube is speeded up and cropped, so part of the bottle label is missing, still, you can get the idea if you jump to 3 min 25 seconds in). On the show Life Cry would appear to be a budget, rough, alcopopish beverage best avoided but I hypothesized its makers had relaunched it for a trendier 21st century market. Fans of the show might get some of the references I included on the back label and, if you haven't seen Black Books yet... what's keeping you ?! I cannot recommend it strongly enough. "You always know you're in for a good night when there's a polar bear bleeding on the label." Cheers!


Anonymous said...

Omg this is brilliant. I would love to have this. If only for me to giggle at because I know none of my friends would get the reference to black books.

Rich said...

Hey Matt!

About 12 years ago I made my (now girlfriend) a tea stained "Delicio's Beetroot Liquor" label. Your Lifecry one is bloody great!

Would you consider uploading a high resolution copy? She's 31 soon and if I could slap this on some pink gin she would laugh her merry tits off.

Of course I'll point her to this blog post and won't take credit for your work!


Unknown said...

Rich you should publish your beetroot liquor label!

And thanks Matt, giving this to my partner for Christmas (finally)

Unknown said...

This might fall on deaf ears now, but I'd be hells bells keen on the high resolution of the labels. My girlfriend is a massive fan on Fran and her, ways. Love to get it made into something nice for her.



Anonymous said...

I would drink this, 💯%