Tuesday 13 November 2012

do I look like a mug to you...?!

I've been working on an illustration for a "Product of the Month" design competition run by Pedlars homeware shop. They stock some very nice limited run prints and, from time to time, get some terrific and surprising original products for sale... when they're gone they're gone kinda thing... For the first month of the competition it's design a 2 colour mug. Just a bit of fun, plus sales from the winning mug go to the winners chosen charity, so something for everyone.

I've opted to submit the orange and brown colour way (the white comes from the mug itself) but, in an ideal world, I think it'd be nice to have a pair, one in warm and one in cool colours. I'll be sure and post when voting starts on the competition...

I'll also get some more artwork from this design which will hopefully lend itself to a screen print sometime soon (I know... I keep on saying I'll be printing... ... just want to amass a few designs before I start mixing costly short shelf life photo emulsions and messing up the pace...). The moon character is also a bit of a character design experiment for a something else I'm working on when time allows. It's not quite there yet but I live in hope... Cheers!


Anonymous said...

Matt these are fantastic! Love the colour choices. Good luck in the competition!

Billy Bonilla said...

Great read thankyouu