Tuesday 30 April 2013

an eagle looks for lunch or no stone left unturned...

It's eagle for this months creature submission on A Little Bit Bunny so here once again is a sneak peek of my efforts. I have to admit to going a smidge overboard on this one as far as planning goes. I certainly got into the eagle sketching zone by the end of things. For me that's a fringe benefit of submitting creatures to ALBB each month... I've filled the dreaded "first blank page"... and have my design thoughts on eagles underway should they be needed again. With every month of ALBB I get another creature for the sketchbook 'ark'.

Given how obsessive I got over the planning stages I decided to make a conscious effort to loosen up with the linework and colour treatment on the final piece (just a detail below) and, all things considered, I'm happy with the results... although, looking at all the sketches I'm sure I could take another crack at the tortoise, hhmmm, maybe the eagle's face too... and perhaps the tail feathers... ... enough!

I'd waffle a little more but scanning all this in took much longer than expected, I'm starving and need to go and "turn over stones" in the kitchen to find myself a meal! Pop on over to ALBB if you fancy seeing the final pic.

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Unknown said...

love the whole process!