Thursday 21 August 2008

when plumbers turn to piracy

You know how you just cannot switch off until you've got an idea out 'on paper'. Plumber pirates fly the "jolly spanner". Right, I can go to sleep now.

Tap Spanner Smile

I was doing a little bit of plumbing of late and had the need to buy a tap spanner... he's quite a cheery chap, I shall call him Sammy :)

For anyone keeping track (& thanks if you are) Bleriot (and the blog) has had to take a back seat over the last few weeks. I'm off on holiday for a week but I will return refreshed and ready to crack on with the myriad projects cluttering up my head. For anyone who checks out the blog and for those kind enough to comment, many, many thanks. I've been a lax blogger of late but I really appreciate your taking an interest. I will have new stuff to humbly present very soon!

Tuesday 12 August 2008

Bleriot sketchbook (and IKB)

To prove that I'm still in the land of the living...has it been that long since I posted, what have I been doing!... here's a sketch smorgasbord of bits and pieces for my planned Bleriot illustrations.

To digress, smorgasbord is a great word don't you agree...? Without sounding weird (too late you say), I've only just this minute noticed that you can get "gas board" (albeit without the "a") from it. Is that why it appeals I wonder? Ahem, sorry, back to the topic.

Most of the sketches should be self explanatory... assorted spectators (French and British) to watch the flight. The guy with the money bags is Lord Northcliffe, the owner of the Daily Mail newspaper, who stumped up prize money of £1000 for the record breaking flight. I'm finding that there really is something quite satisfying about drawing people in Edwardian (& Victorian) attire, I can see why Edward Gorey's clock stopped around 1900! To go that bit further back in history, for some reason as yet not totally clear to me, Isambard Kingdom Brunel has snuck into my sketchbook ("snuck", there is another great word...). I've always found I.K.B an inspirational and fascinating character. It might well be something to do with Bob Godfrey's terrific (and BAFTA & Oscar winning) animated short "Great" which (as I dimly recall) told of his life and achievements in a manic music hall style. I remember seeing it in a technology class at school, but sadly I haven't heard of it since and it doesn't seem to be on DVD. If anyone knows where to get hold of it I'd love to hear from you! It looks like IKB is another character to go onto my to do idea pile! More Bleriot soon. Bonne nuit mes amis.