Friday 15 October 2010

they came from a land down under...

Just a little doodle to mark the great news yesterday that all 33 Chilean miners made it to safety! I'm sure many others have come up with the same gag but anyway...

Went to a great talk yesterday by the illustrator David Mckee (remember Mr. Benn and King Rollo...?). It was an interesting and inspiring evening. He said a thought provoking thing (paraphrasing...) he creates his children's books for the adult that a child reader will eventually become but also for the child that remains within the adult reader. A nice thought and a good rule of thumb.

Wednesday 6 October 2010

say well done with a sunflower

Spent a very enjoyable weekend with friends, one of whom likes sunflowers and has just graduated. Well done again Tam :) and thanks to you and hubby for a spiffing time!