Thursday 22 September 2011

bear deja vu...

Just made one or too little revisions to the three bears painting. I think I've subliminally channeled hints of Yogi in the daddy bear... This painting was also on opportunity to revist my unused designs for a bear screen print from a few months back. Nothing goes to waste here! I guess any bear tucking into picnic goodies in the forest is going to have shades of Jellystone Park about it. I've have been reading a little of late about the wonderful design work of Ed Benedict (original designer of Yogi, Flintstones, Quick Draw McGraw etc...etc...). John Kricfalusi has some great posts about Ed Benedict's work on his blog that I can highly recommend.

Tuesday 20 September 2011

unaccustomed as I am...

Much as I avoid waffling on about myself to the world I'd very kindly been asked by Jonathan Woodward over at the illustrators resource website zero2illo if I'd like to be interviewed for the illustrator spotlight feature of their zero2illo 'Zine' and the issue in question is hot off the pixels. I've not had chance to look through the whole magazine as yet but if it's as jammed packed with professional illustration resource goodies as the zero2illo site is it well worth looking into. Follow the links if you'd like to learn more about how to pick up a pdf copy, and I'd recommend some time well spent looking at the zero2illo site and also Jonathan's own personal site too. His wildlife collages are superb.... think Eric Carle meets Charles Darwin!

if you go down to the woods today...

The latest thing off the drawing board are some preliminary sketches for a painting commission for a little girl's birthday. The picture is a, sort of, companion piece to the 'Boy & Monkey painting' I did last year for her bigger brother. There are still some tweaks to do here and there but the family like the woodland setting, so that's how I'll proceed. It was good fun getting that big old daddy bear daintily sipping his tea!

Saturday 17 September 2011

can you smell burning...?

Honest dear blog, I have been trying to get work done for you but, don't take this the wrong way, I have been seeing another blog too! Over on A Little Bit Bunny is my contribution to this months collection of dragons. Hmmm? A collective noun for dragons... "a singe", "a smoulder", "a conflagration"...?! In keeping with my usual habits here's a sneaky peakette and some of my scruffy sketch work.