Sunday 21 August 2011

Tourist London.

Yesterday was a very enjoyable day with old friends while they introduced their young daughter to the tiring delights of London. As I'd already set a purple gorilla precedent with a previous picture for little C I couldn't resist marking the occasion in a similar vain.  While out and about I also finally got chance to check out Gosh Comics marvellous brand spanking new shop. If you were a fan before they moved you'll be even more so now, while if comics, graphic novels and illustration are your thing make haste if you ever get into the capital!

Sunday 14 August 2011

another warm up sketch, another old nikon...

I really enjoyed doing the last loose ink sketch of my old nikon camera so I thought I'd warm up today's sketching with another one. I've enough old cameras... I could keep this up all day!

Saturday 13 August 2011

Congraulations Kev & Vicky!

What's this, you wait for ages and two babies come along! While I'm on a congratulatory roll, the very warmest sentiments go out to my dear friends Kev & Vicky on their amazing news! You'll never meet finer pending parents!

Congratulations Cass!

My good friend, the super and super talented Cassia is expecting imminently. Everything else she produces is amazing so I'm sure this latest creative endeavour will be true to form! My (stereotypical stork) pictorial congratulations Cass and Liam!

Master & Margarita tattoo...

Now I first must own up and say I could never imagine getting a tattoo myself. That said, there are some very talented tattoo artists out there. Imagine working on an illustration, without an undo command, using a heavy tool instead of a pen, on a squidgy surface, and having the client (on whom you have the ability to inflict pain) watch you while you are working!!! Why am I going on about tattoos...? I was delighted and flattered to get an email out of the blue from Nicholas Wesson, someone who liked The Master & Margarita novel by Mikhail Bulgakov and my cover for the Penguin paperback enough to want to illustrate his arm with it! I'm only glad he didn't ask me to do the tattoo! I wouldn't be able to keep a steady hand with that kind of responsibility. The credit for this amazing translation of my cover photo goes to the unquestionably talented Craig Wright at Enchanted Arts Tattoo in Guisborough North Yorkshire. The whole thing took one sitting of two hours I'm told. My thanks to Nick for the unique positive feedback on my work (and the photo of his arm).

Monday 8 August 2011

Another month, another animal...

This blog is fast becoming just the place where I show teasers for what I've posted on a little bit bunny blog... I'll have to get some fresh blog fodder soon! For now this is a bit of my Kangaroo Rat, and if you want to know how to catch one, pop on over and see the whole thing on A.L.B.B.