Tuesday 21 April 2015

Black Books booze... Life Cry bottle label.

A couple of my very good friends had birthdays in close succession recently and, as we all share a love of the estimable Dylan Moran's superb channel 4 comedy series Black Books, I made them both my take on a bottle of the drink Life Cry which features briefly in the episode titled Elephants and Hens (the only playable link I could find on youtube is speeded up and cropped, so part of the bottle label is missing, still, you can get the idea if you jump to 3 min 25 seconds in). On the show Life Cry would appear to be a budget, rough, alcopopish beverage best avoided but I hypothesized its makers had relaunched it for a trendier 21st century market. Fans of the show might get some of the references I included on the back label and, if you haven't seen Black Books yet... what's keeping you ?! I cannot recommend it strongly enough. "You always know you're in for a good night when there's a polar bear bleeding on the label." Cheers!