Sunday 29 May 2011

flamingo sketching.

This months A.L.B.B is Flamingo so I'm just trying to get my eye in with some quick sketches. They sure do have weird beaks!

Sunday 22 May 2011

Dodo screen print revisited

At the risk of repeating myself I'm taking a look at my dodo screen print design ready for another screen print class I'm taking in a couple of weeks time. For this session I've decided to keep things simpler if at all possible so I've limited the number of screens to two and I've also trapped my colours in critical areas of the illustration (face, feet...) so any misregistration should hopefully be less damaging to the final outcome. In fact I've purposefully misregistered elements in the feathers because I kinda like the colour effect it gives. I've spent long enough on it for one day though... time to unplug at look at it afresh tomorrow.

Sunday 15 May 2011

Lebowski and the mug...

I've had this illustration hanging around for a few weeks now but since it was for a printed mug surprise for a good friend's birthday, and since I then forgot all about it, it hasn't seen the light of day... I don't usually feel comfortable with caricatures but this is my answer to Kev Levell's superb birthday Lebowski caricature for me. For those fans of the most excellent Coen bros The Big Lebowski film no explanation is required I hope... for everyone else this should illustrate what I was getting at.

Wednesday 11 May 2011

"Blue(s) Whale" over on A.L.B.B

No... ... a whole month has gone by ...? Surely not...?! Well here's this months teaser for my post over on a little bit bunny. I only have some very loose doodles as the process on this piece. Once I hit on my basic treatment for the blue whale and the general composition of things everything else came together on the screen. As usual different computer monitors variously show the posted image as OK to gloomy to unreadable. I have to trust my own imac... and my own tired peepers... Maybe my light blues are a tad too light and my darks are a tad to dark. I was referencing some Blue Note album sleeve images I'd seen. If cool, groovy, hip and stylish album artwork is your bag daddio you might want to check out a couple of sites: project 33 has some glorious retro graphics on show while LP Cover Lover has a comprehensive collection of all that is cool right through to the very odd! RIGHT, now to get cracking on things for THIS blog! TTFN... ...