Friday 22 May 2009

froggy went to pieces... ...?!

A bit strange this one, just take it as based on a dream (and not mine either... before you ask) and leave it at that. The frog in pieces (and drawn that way) is for a birthday card but while I had all the bits I couldn't resist assembling him and seeing what I had. Like the the tightrope elephant in an earlier post of mine I really like the surprise anatomy and pose you end up with by having the ability to shove limbs about the place. Think this could easily develop into a theme :)

Many thanks for all the kind comments on my last few posts (I'll post my children's book entry soon... ta for asking:) I haven't been blogging back at people and I'm sorry for that. As always I'll try to pull my blog socks up but I'm off for a week so they will have to stay at half mast until I get back from the wild north. If you're UK based have a great bank holiday ... for the rest of the planet enjoy the weekend folks! See you in a week, TTFN

Monday 18 May 2009

10 images for Ithaca - "I"

Well I cannot believe it's all but a whole year since I had a stab at the 10 images for ithaca poster competition. I nearly missed this years deadline (wednesday the 20th so motor on folks if you are going to enter!) but an idea sprang to mind so I thought why not. The eagle eyed viewer may spot that I reused the same watercolour texture element as in last years entry... waste not want not... and I'll keep sending it and sending it year on year till they give in :) The topic is "I", how do you see yourself ... ... I'm not one to like to talk about myself but doesn't everyone sometimes feel like an island on occasion... isolated, swamped, at sea... ...? A cheery thought... so end on a gag. You know the John Donne quote " man is an island...", well I prefer Norman Lovett's take, "no man is an island... except when he's having a bath."

Sunday 17 May 2009

"Contagious" illustration friday

Well I've finished with the children's book competition illustrations. I won't tempt fate and post anything just yet, in the vain hope I might get through to the second round... ... To get the blog rolling once again illustration friday is always a good motivator. This weeks is "contagious". I could just post my "swine flu" in the previous post but that's not really playing the IF game now is it... :) Something quick and graphical I think to compliment the funny porker.