Sunday 9 August 2009

two humpty camel

Firstly to get explanations and apologies out of the way I'm in the thick of summer DIY projects (batten down the hatches before winter bites) and sadly just haven't had the time to blog. I seem to have spent every free minute of the last couple of weeks either perched precariously atop a ladder or visiting the DIY store. While I wait for woodstain to dry, and before yet another trip to get supplies, I was determined to at least get my 'corrupted camel' finished for Phil and Kev. Not sure if this works as a concept, based as it is on a flimsy play on words... camel hump / humpty... ...!?... ... but I'm very happy with the general look of the piece, and sketching this sure does beat sealing window frames! More DIY next week, but I hope light is at the end of the tunnel and normal blogging (whatever that is) will resume very soon.