Saturday 26 June 2010

an ornamental alligator (try saying that 3 times really fast...)

So, hello... how are you...? I've been trying to loosen up and get a little playful to shake myself out of my creative funk. With an eye to productivity and goals I also wanted whatever I dabbled with to hopefully be applicable to the Fearsome beastie book spread...which should be a simple matter, sorry Giles (the author).

So here's an alligator.... my plan being a smorgasbord (I love that word, don't you...) of a few fearsome beasts that take my fancy which I can pick and mix from to inspire the final beastie. I know, I know, friends have said what I have already is OK but, for whatever reason, and it's probably me being my own worst enemy with this, the FB design I have so far just doesn't allow me to stage the action how I want it and, less concrete a point, just isn't quite what I'm after.

Perhaps it's all about that nebulous search for a distinctive creative approach that makes me stand out in the illustration crowd (and boy it's crowded) while also flicking my creative switches... Still I'm enjoying the change of scene and exploring colour and pattern must be a good thing.

Talking of the 'illustration crowd' I had chance to meet a fine group of talented and friendly illustrator folk last weekend. We all crawled away from our screens and desks, out into the real world... If any of you read this it was great to see all your work, shoot the breeze and pick your brains. Many thanks again to Cass for sorting it all out. It'd be grand to do it again sometime...

Monday 14 June 2010

Hermit the Frog.

A silly bit of nonsense sketched straight onto the computer just so I can feel like I've done something creative today. Truth be told I've been a little creatively out of sorts the last few days. I've been pushing and pulling the fearsome beastie spread this way and that but I really need to stand back and get some perspective on things. I feel like I've got two left hands (which is OK but I'm right handed...). I'll post just as soon as I get my 'illustrator trousers' back from the dry cleaners.

Sunday 6 June 2010

The Fearsome Beastie - part the first

A busy week or so but I've finally been able to knuckle down to some proper work on "The Fearsome Beastie" project I mentioned. Early days but I'm pretty happy with the character design so far. It remains to be seen if it will be suitable once I start fitting it into the story proper and what tweeks I'll have to make. The broad strokes of the tale are the Fearsome B comes into town on a dark and snowy night and proceeds to panic the local kiddiwinks. It gets it's just deserts in the end of course. The text calls for sharp claws, multiple tails and fangs. The author was also keen for scales and hair. I couldn't resist the multiple eyes after using them on an earlier character. I'm hoping they will prove useful in the spread I'm going to draw up where the FB has to sit and sob, all the while biding it's time till the kiddies get close... the two faced, four eyed swine! I must admit the multiple tails proved awkward at first. I wouldn't have chosen that feature myself but, as is often the case, I'm glad to have been pushed somewhere different. Still plenty to do...