Wednesday 29 January 2014

a further sketch in the informal 'cameras I own' series... the Polaroid SX-70

I threatened with my last camera ink sketch to continue the theme... oh, I have plenty more cameras yet... So, while I'm on a roll with my old nikon FE sketch one, old nikon F2 sketch two and my much newer panasonic LX5 sketch (geeks love numbers) here's the transformation of the sublime and anachronistic Polaroid SX-70 camera (this link is to an wonderful Charles and Ray Eames produced original SX-70 advert). Sadly I have to admit that I have never had the polaroid film packs to be able to discover whether this lucky car boot find of mine even works but, as an object of quirky and beautiful design history I'm glad to have one to sketch and admire.

Monday 27 January 2014

Staithes illustration greetings card...

I'm very happy to say that you can now buy greetings cards from Art Angels stockists of my Staithes fishing village (well Staithes inspired) screen print illustration (previously on Matt Dawson blog...). The production quality of the Art Angels cards are just grand with a nice heavy textured card stock with a debossd print area and a great print reproduction to boot. I'm over the moon at being listed with such printmaker luminaries also stocked by Art Angels as the superb Edward Bawden, Angie Lewin and Mark Hearld. Truly inspirational illustrators to rub shoulders with. I've already had several enquires for screen prints of the Staithes design so the sooner I can get things sorted and my house covered in acrylic and drying prints the better I shall feel!

Saturday 25 January 2014

egg box rhino... I am the egg box, I am the rhino, goo goo g'joob...

Happy new year blog! And before January's out here is my first a little bit bunny blog post of the year... an egg box... an rhinoceros. I had, and still have, a notion to illustrate my own take on Durer's Rhinoceros, an illustration I've always loved. I was all set, and had sketched some roughs but, finishing the last egg in the egg box this morning, an alternative take came to mind. Long story short, just one egg box, some scissors, a dab of two of glue and here she is. Makes a nice change to have no preconceptions at all, just snip and fold and see what happens.