Wednesday, 13 February 2008

pisugtook 28-29 colour

The next colour spread for the polar bear tale. I'm quite surprised (pleasantly so) at how the palette for the arctic sunset has turned out on this one. I've been aiming for a feel of the great "What's Opera Doc" layouts by Maurice Noble. I wouldn't think to put this in the same league but those great stylised Looney Tunes animations have certainly been lurking in my brain since I was little. I think you come back to such (seemingly) simple artwork and look at it with fresh eyes and admiration as you work and work at being a better illustrator. I haven't created a colour treatment / model sheet for my characters so I'm honing and tweeking as I go along. As such I think the mother bear has developed slightly since the forest spread...I'll have to back track when I've finished all the spreads that I'm working up (my agent will need 4 or 5) and modify her somewhat.


Anonymous said...

Was hoping to come here and leave some constructive critisism for a change, but nope, can't find a single thing to crit (as usual).

Great colours in the sunset, love those textured clouds and the mother-bear and cub are spot-on.

Kev Levell said...

Dancing, Smackeroo! This was one of my favourite spreads from the sketches earlier on. The staging of this is fabulous. The tilt of the head on the baby is just right, reluctant yet happy - perfect! I smile everytime I see this!

Anonymous said...

I love these new pages Matt, the colours and textures are lovely, and the characterisations are spot on.

Nice work, can I have a signed copy of the finished book.

Kev Levell said...

signed book... yes please!