Wednesday, 2 April 2008

le fermier est sur son tracteur

This is a tweeked version of a quick piece of work I did for my day job. The client decided they wanted a different stylistic approach so back to the drawing board on that one. Things came together quickly and I had fun doing the piece (such opportunities aren't always forthcoming in my present day job...) although I was holding back on the Frenchman a little bit (see thumbnail sketch). I thought it a shame to waste the work so here it is.

PS. Isn't Babelfish a wonderful tool for all those of us who were lost in GCSE French! While we are on the subject it's also a fitting tribute to Douglas Adams... sadly missed!


Martin Hsu said...

What fantastic stuff you have on your blog! Great designs. Icarus Chimp is frikkin awesome.

Anonymous said...

Nice simple stylized design - love it, especially the innards of the tractor.

Unknown said...

Wonderful!! Love it!!

van dyke said...

Your style reminds me a little of Mary Blair's work where design, shapes and color tell the story. The retro feel of your work appreciates the past yet is also contemporary and fresh. I like it. Love your sketch of the Frenchman. Lots of personality... plus attitude.

hicham rahmah said...

i'm happy here man
very niiiiiice!!!
i like ur work

knallbeige said...

very nice illustration!