Thursday, 5 June 2008

just one more book logo illustration

This is illustration for the request for logos for their site redesign. It was a fun quick brief to do and it's nice to help out interesting sites when you can. Pop over and check out all of their childrens book reviews if that's your kinda thing! It doesn't really show up very well but that's scanned text from a novel (Mobey Dick in fact...) to create the texture on the book loving octopus/alien type thing's skin. I liked the idea of words from the books manifest in the characters look... not that visable as I said, but I know it's there at least :)

Just dawned on me I seem to have had quite a run on hour glass shaped heads, octopi and orange things... have to go in a new direction or I'll get boring!

PS. many thanks to for posting my illustration and a link.


Kev Levell said...

I've been meaning to post about your most recent entries but somehow have missed the boat each time I wanted to add something.

There are some lovely delicate levels to this, I think in part down to really nice watercolour textures you've got in there.

I really like the first approach - probably because the walls closing in is such a powerful metaphor. The hands are genius on this one too!

Peanut child is a great name for a band and this would make an awesome album cover! I love the colour and the scanned safety pin is a nice touch!

One more book:
This is brilliant, I love the text-texture which really creates that classic kids' book feel! Your character design skills on this octopus, icarus, polar bear and magnus are really shining!

On the whole an hourglass motif isn't a bad thing, Marilyn Monroe, Kelly Brook, Salma Hayek - what's not to like about the hourglass? Keep going, that's what I say.

ABC chief and keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Hey Matt,

Sorry I haven't been in touch recently. I've been enjoying your stuff from afar though. Especially the Bleriot stuff. Can we see more of that please?


froggie is... said...

fantastic! my personal fav of the bunch...must be the "multi-specs."