Sunday, 18 January 2009

Tele Bird meets Bookworm. Part the fifth.

...but in this meeting of minds Bookworm comes out the winner.

This tales moral, if you want to be well fed,
TV in moderation and try and be well read.

Now I'm the last person to find fault with TV as a whole (you should see my TV shows DVD shelf...) but without sounding too opinionated there has been a greater deal of tossycock on the box of late! Reading seems so much more consistant (if you pick the right books that is (the only thing I have more of than DVD's is books...!). At least with less to tempt on TV it's easier to put in the hours on the blog.

After just finishing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (in my epic rereading of all the Dahl's) I realise I have been treading the same ground with these last few posts as the Mike Teavee Oompa-Loompa song. The more I blog stuff out the more I realise how the influences from my childhood are seeping out. Makes you see just how important children's literature is on malleable little minds! Hope I haven't sounded to preachy. Just a bit of fun.


ArtSparker said...

Funny, just yesterday I was showing someone a childhood book whose illustrations, one in particular, have influenced me. Some iamges stay with me.

This is my favorite of the series.

I was late coming over because I, lamely, don't have stuff on RSS, so thought you were posting less frequently.

Anonymous said...

this has been a lovely story and, naturally, i'm glad the bookworm prevails.

Chris Kennett said...

Very nice, I particularly like the use of his glasses as the letter B in the final panel. All my Dahl books are back at my folk's house in England, but you've made me want to start reading them to my kids.

Matthew Smith said...

love your illos! very unique. kudos

Anonymous said...

Big up the Book Worm Massive, and other energetic phrases.

Anonymous said...

Loving the simple style you've used thoughout this telebird vs bookworm story.

krisztina maros said...

i love so much this series! your simply lines and shapes are so expressive and storyteller (for example the bird's x eyes and legs on the last picture...)

you're the master of this style!

C.B. Canga said...

that's great.