Monday, 18 May 2009

10 images for Ithaca - "I"

Well I cannot believe it's all but a whole year since I had a stab at the 10 images for ithaca poster competition. I nearly missed this years deadline (wednesday the 20th so motor on folks if you are going to enter!) but an idea sprang to mind so I thought why not. The eagle eyed viewer may spot that I reused the same watercolour texture element as in last years entry... waste not want not... and I'll keep sending it and sending it year on year till they give in :) The topic is "I", how do you see yourself ... ... I'm not one to like to talk about myself but doesn't everyone sometimes feel like an island on occasion... isolated, swamped, at sea... ...? A cheery thought... so end on a gag. You know the John Donne quote " man is an island...", well I prefer Norman Lovett's take, "no man is an island... except when he's having a bath."


Chris Kennett said...

This is great and also very relevant to Ithaca. I've not heard of this comp before, its a great idea.

Owl Eng said...

Impressive!! love the eyes... so mysterious. and I am stunned by the water effect you have here..really nice

Kev Levell said...

Perfect. You've really hit your stride recently.

verification: nonanon - someone who lives forever. (and your still, clear blue, ocean seen here)

Carmen Saldaña said...

Wow, this eyes hypnotize me!
Fascinating illo, I can´t stop to look it.
The water is beautiful, very well done

krisztina maros said...

wonderful image! the water effect is excellent! it's a more serious self-portrait than your profile image isn't it? :)

i like the whole idea of Ithaca too, if i had more time... but hadn't.

krisztina maros said...

thanks Matt, i can't wait for yours! it sounds exciting!!

Anonymous said...

Great water effect.
Good luck with the competition!

Shining Light said...

Ithaca is GORGEOUS!!! Great illustration. You have such a talent. I dont know how you do it. Let us know how you do at the competition.

ArtSparker said...

Funny and spooky.

María Carbajal Massó said...

I was catching up with some of the blogs I follow and this image made stop to look at it twice. Fantastic!

sinavil said...

hello Matt.
Your poster was one of my favourites of this years competition!
Did you see the results?
you are a finalist!

sinavil said...


I will be at the exhibition in Ithaca and in Athens.
All the finalists are going to be published at at some point, together with pictures from the exhibitions.

we will keep in touch!

Take care,