Wednesday, 19 May 2010

a face to the name... too scary...?!!

Wow two posts in one day! Careful Matt people might say you are actually making use of your blog...! I've been umming and arrrhing on whether to post this or not in it's present state but I might as well put it out there and see if it frightens the kiddies away! While working on the "Lion In My Bathroom" book the publishers asked for a biog and photo for their site (I won't link, if you are unfortunate to happen on it while surfing the 1's and 0's maybe a stiff drink will help you over the shock :). Now I'm never happy in front of the lens so I thought I'd play about with a self portrait pic which I could maybe also use for the blog profile pic. It's been years since I seriously tried a self portrait and the same thing still seems to occur. I don't know about anyone else but do you find your self portraits always come out too stern and intense...? Now perhaps that's to be expected when you work using a mirror... but I was working from a photo where I tried to lighten up! I think this could benefit from some adjusting.... say cheese maybe...?! But a blog is for life not just for the highlights so in the interests of sharing here I sort of am.


Abz said...

Great to finally "meet" you... I too just did a self portrait, though it was a quick and white lines-- but I like this style! Yea-- it wasnt easy to draw myself.


Phil Toodle said...

A successful self-portrait young Matt. I would say to everyone who hasn't met you though that your not quite so dishevelled in real life, that your smile is very often broader, your eyes friendlier and not quite so intense. All in all though a good likeness.

Unknown said...

Nice self portrait :)
Although it is pretty intense.. I think its the eyes, it might look more calming if you had peaceful closed eyes like u-shapes.
I still like it though! you have so much work up on the blog its hard to keep up, glad you've been so busy!

Kev Levell said...

The elements are all there, but it is simply not quite the lovely, sparkling chap I know!

The sternness is coming from the downturn in your spectacles... also, consider adding highlights and pupils to those lovely eyes of yours. Also, the distance between your nose an top lip looks over long too and perhaps that's giving you a doubtful/pensive smile?

I hope that helps, overall it's pretty funny though and did make me laugh... so don't give up, have another go, and be kinder to yourself next time!

Tomás Serrano said...

What a great portrait!

xl pharmacy said...

Jajaja I don't know if I'm wrong but this guy looks like Steve Jobs. Keep up the good work and also keep postinfg.