Sunday 13 March 2011

magpie logo 'smorgasbord'

Well I just cannot seem to get away from magpies... Over the last two years I had 7 requests for Magpie logo designs. I'm thinking of changing my name... And just what is the collective noun for magpies...? I see wikipedia says it's a 'tiding' of magpies... but is it glad tidings I wonder...? It's great to have any enquiries for work of course, and I don't wish to look a gift magpie in the beak... but truth be told I'm pretty sick of the black and white buggers for today. Earlier on I decided to have a break and go make a cuppa and stare out the kitchen window to rest my eyes... ... but there's no escape...tree...magpie...AAAARGH! What do they for sorrow isn't it...! I'm beginning to feel like a bit part actor in a Hitchcock film. Y'know that bit when the climbing frame get covered in birds... I'm imagining that's my car tomorrow morning. Magpies...thousands of 'em! Try calling the AA out for that problem! Anyhoo, here's a small selection of the the latest batch of logo designs plus my warm up sketch study sheets. I'm off to rest my eyes and stare at the wall until the black and white after image leaves my retinas :-)


Phil Toodle said...

Kaw! Kaw!

JRStaniford said...

Nice work!

aker said...

funny birds, drawing a little rough, so interesting