Saturday, 11 June 2011

Dodo screen print post mortem.

So I did my fast track screen print workshop sessions last week with my revised dodo screen print design, but I have to say I'm more than a little disappointed with the results. It's only my second attempt at screen printing so I know I shouldn't be expecting too much. That said I'd hoped to produce some better, perhaps saleable prints. A bad workman blames his tools so I won't dwell on some of the problems I had with ghost images on screens and scratchy squeegees. It's all a learning curve after all. One big plus was that my revised design was, as I'd hoped, much better than my first attempt with regard to being more forgiving of slipped registration during printing. In fact I'd designed in purposefully misregistered elements. All I had to try and nail were the eye and feet while the rest of the image could, largely, take care of itself. So that gives me something to work with for future designs. My colour mix was better too. Not the same colours as my digital, but a pleasant outcome. I also learnt some more details about the whole process which should come in handy later on. For this print I got to use a larger printing press with a single arm and a vacuum bed, which was interesting. I think however, on balance, I prefered the simpler hand bench press I used for my first print attempt. OK, it might have it's pitfalls but I think it feels like you are more hands on and closer to the work. I really hope to try again soon, although the logistics of how I'm going to set about cost effectively screen printing are a challenge...  I'd love to print on a hand bench set up in my own good time at home rather than working to a course's tight schedule (and courses are expensive)... if only I had a shed or garage... ho hum... Still, no one said it'd be easy, otherwise everyone would be doing it!


pob said...

Its Pete... Ever the perfectionist ;-)

You looked at Inprnt? Its an online shop, some stunning work. I just received some artwork from there its is pretty good quality. Anyway, check it out. By the way, are you on the Behance network too?

Okay back to Dodo and screening. I get the impression your pushing the process too with all that detail so yes, don;t be too harsh on oneself. Love the colours!

Will be in touch soon... we are falling into bad habits again.

- Pete

Kev Levell said...

You need to let up on yourself - I think this looks pretty sale-able. For me, at least, the inaccuracies and imperfections are what makes screen prints interesting - as you've said before, it gives the impression of being more of an original, in a sort of artisan sense.

Phil Toodle said...

Yep, you should defo sell these. They might not be what you had in your head, but we can't see that, and we think it's good. Give it a try, you have them now and you won't lose anything, by trying to make a sale.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the others Matt, definitely saleable/sellable(?) as they are now.
I'd happily have one of these on my wall.

michael robertson said...

This is great, Matt-I love the color, and the registration not being spot on only adds to the charm and reinforces the fact that it's hand made!

I agree with all the above too. As someone who does quite a bit of silkscreening, I eventually had to just accept the fact that it never looks exactly how I'd imagined it. Hopefully we'll be seeing more silkscreens from you!

Abigail said...

That came out looking really neat (and I'd concur with the "sale-able" comments). Screen printing is a phenomenal amount of work. I've been messing with it for the past few years and haven't mustered up the courage to do a two color print run yet, so kudos!