Tuesday, 22 November 2011

my updated website

It's always a chore to plough through the multitude of repetitive tasks involved, but really satisfying once it's set up. www.matt-dawson.co.uk  V3 (ish) is up and running (I hope it still is...). There are still some glitches I'm trying to iron out (apologies if anyone is irritated by the flashing white screen between pages, if all else fails just try and blink in time with it...) but at least its 99.9% OK. Not a million miles from my last site. I just wanted to update work and simplify. As always any feedback would be prized beyond measure.


Phil Toodle said...

Looking good Matt, no sign of the "flashing white screen between pages" on my computer. Maybe my brain isn't sharp enough to register it :) Much more accessible than V2 and it's great to look back over your work.

Abigail said...

The new page looks great! I like the fact that it's such a clean design; it really shows off the artwork nicely.