Tuesday, 27 November 2012

might I ask for your vote... it's all in a very good charitable cause...

Well the voting has started on the Pedlar's Product of the Month Mug Design Competition I posted about a couple of weeks back and now I stand, cap in hand, asking if you wouldn't mind popping on over to Facebook (if you're one of those individuals in Mark Zuckerberg's pocket, or perhaps know those who are... ;-) to put your tick next to my 'moon and sun' mug design. Just click hear to go there...

I don't ask just for myself you understand, it all goes to a very good cause. The winner of the competition gets to nominate a charity of their choice who will then receive £1 from every winning mug sold. If I win I've chosen Henshaw's Society for Blind People. To quickly explain, my brother is blind and has been a Henshaw's student and service user for a fair few years now. They really are an excellent, life changing organisation, thoroughly deserving of support!

When you have a spare moment (and if you like the design that is...) I'd really appreciate it if you'd take the time out to vote and perhaps spread the word too... Voting ends December 10th so don't delay. Begging post ends folks.

Ta very, very much!