Thursday, 20 June 2013

an axolotl...

Not enough posts over the last few weeks. I'm working on on various bits and bobs so there should be some blog fodder ASAP. Here's a tidbit for the blog smorgasbord (I never get tired of that word... sssmooorgasbordt), my take on an axolotl for a little bit bunny blog. I've been enjoying quick free and easy doodling with an ink dipped kebab skewer on grease proof paper, coupled with loose 'filling in the shapes' painting on a separate sheet. I used a similar approach on my eagle a few weeks back. I love the variation in the wandering lines thickness and the happenstance capillary bleeding of the ink in places too. The mismatched edges of the paint fill and the ink outline seem to give things an energy, pep things up and stop the drawing looking too flat. It doesn't always work as planned but there are nice surprises to be had when you assemble everything in photoshop. It's always fun to shake things up and loosen up from time to time. As always with a little bit bunny creatures there is a cropped view and some development sketches on this blog... pop on over to ALBB for the final illustration. 

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