Friday 9 November 2007

Flattered and puzzled...?!

Came upon a very surprising and confusing post about this blog yesterday. "Children's Books Illustration" posted on youtube on Oct 6th by "alanjasonb" has a slideshow of images from my website and blog which then cuts into the great Eric Carle's artwork...and all this to a soundtrack of Bach's cello suite (spookily, a piece of music I love...). Just to be mentioned alongside Eric Carle is a great compliment and I'm very flattered indeed. Perhaps if alanjasonb is still reading this blog he/she/they might like to post a comment describing their thought process for this nice gesture. The internet truely is a strange and wonderful place sometimes. Many thanks alanjasonb.


becca said...

that's cool. i love when stuff like that happens.

cool blog.

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