Sunday, 9 March 2008

Icarus Chimp colour 2

Monkey see, monkey do (before anyone says, I know chimps aren't monkeys...). Our little simian friend is about to get his bright idea. I don't know if it comes across but I figured a bit of genetic inheritance into the parrots tail colours. Dad has the cool colours, Mum the warmer ones, and little P has inherited the whole rainbow. I also imagined that such lovely plumage was down to their diet... all those juicy rainbow fruit they have been eating.

With each piece I do now I'm trying to get my working methods quicker and more efficient, and so far I don't think things aren't going too bad. One big help I'm finding on these sequential pages is to keep a running palette document which I can slot new colour choices into as I go. It saves you opening up the previous whopping psd and toggling through all those layers! More chimp to follow.

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stefano said...

wow nice monkey...oopps nice chimp.