Wednesday, 5 March 2008

more chimp bits

Well this is the very rough storyboard for my chimp sequence (I'd not really call it a story, this is more an exercise in putting a character through it's paces...). As I look at it there are 'jump cuts' in the narrative that I cannot get away with. There are also some staging issues and poses/expressions which I want to improve on in the final 3 or 4 colour pieces I'm aiming for. That all said I'm enjoying working with the characters and setting and eager to get it all into glorious technicolour.


Jacqueline Hudon-Verrelli said...

I am eager as well. The chimp you posted yesterday looks good. I like the palette.

Kev Levell said...

"Fly my pretties, fly"

I can really imagine this narrated by Johnny Morris.

Brilliant stuff Matt. I can see how the hard work you put in on your previous book layouts has paid off here, really nice pacing. Simple but effective story too!

I think if you're going to full colour on a couple of pages... the spiky monkey puzzle tree is a definite as well as the "flying" one.

'The Flight of Icarus' as a name for it???

Anonymous said...

Haha great!
Fantastic expressions on the chimp (does he have a name?). Your layout/storyboarding skills as usual are effective, engaging and humorous, even with a simple little tale like this one.
Look forward to seeing the colour pieces.

Thanks for the comments, as always - much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Just to add that the chimps face when he's running from the bees is brilliant!

Anonymous said...
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