Thursday, 30 September 2010

worksheets for 'Bathroom Lion' & the 15 artists in 15 minutes game!

Joining in with Cassia's game also picked up by Jon Davis. In 15 minutes name 15 artists that inspire you and you'll always stick with. In no particular order then:

1) Egon Schiele (you're right Cass!)
2) Eric Carle
3) Quentin Blake
4) Miroslav Sasek
5) Joan Miro
6) Heath Robinson (look forward to the exhibition!)
7) Alice & Martin Provensen
8) E.H. Shephard
9) Tom Oreb (animation designer in the 50's... Disney, UPA etc...etc...)
10) Lane Smith
11) John Tenniel
12) Ronald Searle
13) Saul Bass
14) William Heaton Cooper (english watercolourist)
15) Charlie Harper

That was fun! I could go on and on, and I'm sure I've missed some big favourites...

***************I forgot:

*Bill Watterson (how'd I forget HIM!!!)
*Mike Mignola
*Craig McCracken
*Genndy Tartakovsky
*John Kricfalusi

**************how did I still forget:
*Mary Blair (disney colour stylist and designer)
*Matisse (particularly his collages)
*Edward Gorey (he created such a twisted, unique world...funny ha ha and funny VERY peculiar)
*Ed Benedict (designer of many Hanna-Barbera classic characters inc. Yogi B. and the Flintstones)

They say some people get obsessional about lists... I just cannot let this one go (failed the 15 minute rule well and truly!)

And to finish the post off the author of "There's a lion in my bathroom" asked me for some themed activities for a book signing he's doing this weekend:

British bookshops and stationers in Seaford Saturday 2nd October from 10am-1pm, there will be colouring and activity sheets for children to do, plus balloons with each signed book.

So I tweaked some of the book illustrations to get colouring in pages and drawing activities. What's the most yucky food you can think of...?


cassia said...

interesting. People always come up with different artists to what you expect.

The most yucky food I can think of is liver risotto. Hate liver, hate risotto- easy!

Abz said...

Very nice stuff you got here-- its great to see things in 'print format' almost-- black and white kinda makes you focus on the great art and shapes!

Yes, I did notice your little signature!

Thanks for the kind and awesome words you left on my blog-- really, it's great to get such support from all you online-blog-friends! I sure do hope something bigger and better comes my way-- and soon! Will keep posting, hope you'll be doing the same...

Cheers buddy!

Jon Davis said...

Oooh, interesting, a few cross overs with mine, and a few people I've not come across too, so I shall have fun looking them up.
Aargh, I forgot Bill Watterson as well!!
Yucky foods, hmmm... in combimation or on their own? You could have custard and chips, peanut butter and bacon sandwiches, or curry and ice-cream.
As a kid I used to live in fear of meatballs for school dinner, but the most yucky thing for me is finding stringy bits or little tubes in your meat. That has a very high gag factor for me.

Phil Toodle said...

How could I forget Bill! I forgot Mignola too, and Jamie Hewlett, and Rackham, and Sendack, and ...

Yucky foods: Goats cheese, it should be banned.

Anonymous said...

The actvity sheets look great, am sure the kids loved em.

Interesting list, theres a few of mine in there and a few I dont know too well so will definitely check them out.

Yuckiest food? I had a Seafood Burrito on Santa Monica pier last year that nearly had me leaning over the side and sending it back to the ocean.

Veronica said...

Loads of mine make your list and some I'll have to check out. And am adding Joan Eardley, Lisbeth Zwerger, Errol le Cain, ooh, ooh, and Ralph Steadman.... and Martin Honeysett.... and Krystyna Turska... and this could go on forever! Yup, the 15 minute limit is obviously there for a reason.

And eewwww, egg mornay is the yuckiest food by far.

Lovin' the worksheets.

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