Monday, 21 February 2011

is this the thing screen prints are made of...?

While I'm posting, is this 'gag' worth the effort to screen print...? I was thinking of it in a limited 2 colour screen print...but now I'm not so sure the idea is strong enough. There's stuff I'm happy with though... decisions decisions... As always any honest opinions people are kind enough to give would be very gratefully received! Back to the drawing board I think.


Kev Levell said...

I really love the composition, I'd consider a morning sun at the top left and I'd be tempted to run the toilet roll 'Andrex' fashion from the one the bear is holding and not have the second one in the bottom right... for a flow through, if you see what I mean.

Be careful with fine lines that need to be spot on placement-wise, from my very limited experience/exposure (one t-shirt) of screen-printing, I'd say you're asking a lot with the lip-line of the lower mouth.

As always, I love your clear design sensibilities and the quirky stylized elements, the trees and flowers are lovely little touches that just breathe life into the thing!

I hope my earlier reservations weren't off-putting!

...although, I'd still pursue the Spacesuit Gorilla for the screen-print as I think you'll be happier with the results!

Jon Davis said...

This looks a bit like a cheeky illustration for an article in a magazine, so if you're happy design and composition wise, the subject matter gives me the impression of there being an editorial background to the picture.
I think the spaceman gorilla would also work, but that doesn't come across as illustrative, it is just a image.
Maybe thinking of a background concept for the gorilla might give it an extra kick.
Or maybe you're not bothered by having a background concept, but just want to use the coolest image, in which case maybe the gorilla already fits the bill.
Hope that's helpful :)

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