Wednesday, 23 July 2008

IF "enough" or "the moon who'd had quite enough"

I've been watching the truly excellent "From the earth to the moon" mini series for the past week and it looks as though it has played some part in my interpretation of this weeks illustration friday topic. You could also say it's a "full moon"... Houston we really do have a problem!

PS. Many many thanks for all the kind comments on the Bleriot fog post (and, it goes without saying, all the other generously given comments for this know who you are people, ta one and all, it's very much appreciated!). I'm really glad Monsieur Bleriot struck a chord with so many people and it has spurred me on...He may get to England after all!


Anonymous said...

This is great. I love the retro black and white style.

Shona said...

The moon's face made me melt! You got it spot on.

Thank you for making me smile.


Juan said...

excellent idea and illustration!!

Kev Levell said...

Matt, you've drawn something shiny!!! where's the texture on the spaceship? ;-)

Talking of texture though, overall it really works.

I love the Moon's expression, but I wonder whether it would be clearer what's going on if there were maybe a hint of de-saturated pink/red in the belly along with other space detritus; satellites, rocks, aliens, burger vans (no effin burgers, just the vans), a space chimp and maybe even a star or two??

I know you're trying to get quick editorial stuff out so, ignore me as this fits the brief perfectly anyway... just seems to me that there's potential for a lovely story you could do about a full moon...

SaiSai said...

I like it's texture and simplicity. I'm particularly a fan of the lunar lander, I have a little modle of one I got once upon a time at space camp, so it makes me happy to see it depicted in an IF illo :)