Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Zimbabwe elections

I've wanted to try and develop some editorial style illustrations for my portfolio, the kind of thing you might expect to find in newspapers and magazines. Any illustrations that I do need to be quick to try and hone my short deadline reactions! This one was around the hour after fiddling... I want quicker! I'm not especially political in my habits but who can fail to be aware of the sham that is Mugabe and the Zimbabwe elections. So this post is nothing if not topical.

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Kev Levell said...

I'd been thinking of doing a Mugabe related piece but I too wanted to avoid overtly political comment on my blog.

This is a cleverly conceived piece (as all your stuff is) but I'm not really getting the arm twisted behind the back...

It might help if we are viewing this scene from behind... suggestions then, perhaps rather than "multiplying" the arms, maybe you could outline the twisted arm against the body of the voter and keep the "holding" hand solid... possibly move the ballot box up slightly and give it a bottom.