Thursday, 12 February 2009

Happy Birthday Charlie!

Just got my birthday greeting in before the end of the day! I've really been enjoying all the Darwin programming on TV and radio, especially as I've also been reading a fact/fiction account of Darwin and the Beagle captain Fitzroy which adds a human face to the whole story. I can highly recommend it, "This Thing of Darkness" by Harry Thompson. I wanted to mark the event in some little way so here's a quick sketch... happy 200th Mr. Darwin.


damon said...


Kev Levell said...

Nice, very nice - Not much more to say than that.
Well done sir!

ArtSparker said...

Heh, lovely. The candle yellow is a nice touch.

Marco Crupi said...

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costanza said...

i like this blog. even if i can't understand all your writes, i look the pictures, like children who cannot read!

krisztina maros said...

so nice idea! very lovely! btw congrats to your cover designs for bulgakov's books, those are great! i hope you will win :)

(ps, word verification: sealist :) i was collecting them at one time...)