Monday, 16 February 2009

Ships that didn't pass in the night!

Now the Atlantic Ocean is big (to paraphrase the late great Douglas Adams, it's REALLY BIG... you may think it's a long way down the street to the chemists but that's just peanuts compared to... the Atlantic) anyway, it's general bigliness, it's vastitude, it's very real immensibility being taken as read... just explain to me how two state of the art nuclear propelled, nuclear weapon carrying (did I say nuclear...) attack submarines manage to swim into one another with the whole of the Atlantic to paddle about in...?!!!? (story link here). I suppose the French and British navies will both argue the case that their respective subs are so very stealthy and hush hush that the other sub in question wasn't able to detect it. I think I'd rather everyone with a big red button (16 of them in fact) knew exactly where everyone else with a big red button was... and stay out of each others way!


Anonymous said...

Hey Matt, I really like this illo. I like the 'stuffed with eyes' effect for the portholes. A good choice of subject too, even with all the clever gadgets in the world to mess about with, we're still just fancy monkeys playing games.

verification: fingle

Eric Barclay said...

Excellent-- really wonderful textures and design. Love your commentary as well.

Anonymous said...

Great piece.
Like Eric said, wonderful textures and design.
Love the eyebals pressed up agasint the portholes.