Tuesday 11 November 2008

Concorde & Spitfire graphic elements

Here's two easy ones to start with. Even the most ardent planeophobe should hopefully recognise these two. I've also attached the colour palette that I've been experimenting with. Without meaning to it has a bit of a Paul Klee 'swatches watercolour' feel which I quite like in of itself. Concorde might well end up in weird colours in the final pic, but for now it has to be white doesn't it...!


Kev Levell said...

You could sell these as prints - they're the honey-makers leg bends!

I really like the elements of Saul Bass and Eric Carle amongst other influences you have in these - but they're still uniquely Matt and I love them.

Do a harrier!

david kow said...

i love the planes!!! it´s a wonderful piece of work!!! you have a very awesome blog!!