Thursday 6 November 2008

playing with planes...

As I've mentioned before in this blog, when I was a kid I was a real aeroplane geek. Every now and again old obsessions pop to the surface and assert themselves. To that end I've been having a play around working on an illustration of me as a nipper, trusty Crayola crayons strewn across the floor, drawing planes. I don't quite have it working out as I want yet, but I'll get there. For now here are some experiments with stylisation, colour and layout. I'm really enjoying the 1950's vibe. Perhaps the cover of a quirky 50's airline...? Hope they hit the spot. I'm aiming to appeal to aeroplane and non aeroplane fans alike.


Unknown said...

love 'em! My dad worked for TWA for many years, so i was always fascinated by planes as well.
I'd love to see something about your actual drawing/Photoshop PROCESS someday!

Kev Levell said...

I like the whale-like quality you have achieved and the Automan style contrails too.

Are these are happy planes, banking at heathrow?

Lovely colour palettes as always!

Word verification was inter, inter-national???

asya d. said...

I wanted to thank you for your illustrations of Mikhail Bulgakov's work.( i went to your site and found it) IT IS SOOOO-SOOO GOOD!
everything you do is just great!

Anonymous said...


That's the noise a jumbo makes by the way, I like the style on these, very nostalgic but fresh at the same time. The time is at hand, any day now, when I'll be ready to click 'send' on my on-line flight cadet application form.