Thursday 13 November 2008

Miro Starfighter!

The title to this post sounds like the hero of a cheap Spanish sci-fi film...! Possibly one of the coolest names for a plane, the Lockheed Starfighter was described as a "missile with a man in it". Says it all I think. Looking at these past few designs I think the colour needs turning up a notch, and this 'Buck Rogers' rocketship seemed like an appropriate time to do it. I want a Miro like feel to the illustration, hence the asterix stars. I think you can overdose on Miro's primary colours and repetitive symbols if you aren't careful, but in small doses I love his graphic qualities... and he helped me get my A-level art so I have a soft spot for him.


Tatevik Avakyan said...

Beautiful illustrations ...I love their graphic quality and style.

Anonymous said...

Hi Matt,

For me the spitfire and concord are the most succesful. Possibly because they are the most iconic, and can take being reduced to component shapes. But hey, they're all lovely.

Rafa Toro said...

wish there were any sci-fi film tradition in spain, oh well!

your late obsession with flying machines is great!

and congratulations for being pic of the week in Illustration Friday

Unknown said...

OK - for me this won wins---even the exhaust fumes look retro! How cool is that!!